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Rapid Growth Optimisation (RGO) and the role of Social Media

DATE: Thursday 13th October 2011

VENUE: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

PRESENTER: Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Marketing has evolved - optimising a company for rapid growth requires an integrated approach to social media, digital and traditional marketing.  Over the last two years Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp has worked closely with six companies that have achieved rapid growth (over 30% growth per annum) as a sales, marketing and social media advisor.

He has combined this experience with research into the marketing activities of over 100 UK based rapid growth companies to identify the marketing activities and behaviours that lead to rapid sales and profit growth.  The end result of this research will be published in 2012 and this event will be the public presentation of Rapid Growth Optimisation.

Gordon says “Be prepared to change the way you view social media and the role of marketing in your organisation”.  “Rapid Growth Optimisation (RGO) is the new science of marketing and social media engagement is the cornerstone of RGO”. 

Gordon’s formula for RGO is K.A.S.T.  Which stands for Knowledge Leadership Positioning (K), Attraction Marketing (A), Social Media Engagement (S) and Trust Maximisation (T).

In this New Media Breakfast Gordon will cover:

  •  Six common growth factors
  •  The optimum point in the buying process for engagement
  •  The role of Knowledge in modern marketing
  •  How Attraction has taken over from broadcast marketing
  •  How Social media and engagement leads to sales conversion
  • The key to being a company that buyers Trust
  • Examples of Rapid Growth Optimisation

About Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Gordon has twelve years online community and social media marketing experience. Trained in sales and marketing by Procter and Gamble, Gordon worked on brands such as; Pantene, Wash & Go, Head and Shoulders, Old Spice and Olay. At Northern Foods PLC (Fox’s, Goodfella’s, Holland’s Pies, Dalepak, Express Diaries) Gordon managed multimillion pound sales to several of the UK’s top multiple retailers at HQ level.

Time spent as a business development consultant in Dubai was preceded by working as a Senior Executive in the Scottish Government’s economic development agency. Gordon has also served as a Director for both Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Search Consultancy. 

Involved in online community for over a decade Gordon was the founder of the highly successful First Tuesday Scotland network and is owner of the Go-Social online community. 

Gordon is the MD of sales, social media and marketing consultancy Intelligise; he advises several of the UK’s fastest growing SMEs and PLCs and writes the Go-Social blog on social media marketing for The Drum magazine.

Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Date: Thursday 15th September 2011

Time: 7.30am for 8am




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