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Brand You and Business Development.

The first New Media Breakfast of 2011
Thursday13th January 2011 at 8am
Venue: Tigerlily, 125 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN

Looking at how to best present your profile on Linkedin and using it for Business Development. (Referencing personal case studies) Linked-In is much talked about as a business social network but, are you using it to it’s full potential?

We will explore how best to present your personal profile on Linked-In and, how you can use this popular tool for business development. We are delighted to have Colin Gilchrist to present this New Media Breakfast.

Colin is a well respected figure in the social media community and brings a wide variety of experience to this very topical subject. Here is a quick summary of Colin’s career so far, I’m sure you will agree his experience will be invaluable in presenting this subject and we are pleased to have him as a presenter at the New Media Breakfast.

1984 - 2000 Fashion retail & buyer (latterly Burberry)

2000 - 02 Event Business Development

2002 - Digital Business Development

2003 - Set up Digital Face with Leith spin off

2005 - Started using Social Media (introduced to it through old school friend Hugh Macleod - Gapingvoid)

2006 - Making Myspace pages for EMI & Universal

2007 - Developed a world first, using a social network to alleviate traffic congestion

2008 - Making Facebook applications (trip-advisor)

2009 - Spent time in Las Vegas with Zappos in the weeks before the Amazon investment (also developed Tweetabits, which is now back in development)

2010 - implementing social media strategy to clients such as The Famous Grouse Experience ; Poppyscotland as well as delivering training & consultancy to Advertising agencies and Businesses both professional and consumer (and allude to a mild fascination in Fashion, see