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B2B and B2C PPC Advertising 

Google advertising (and beyond) for managers and marketers

DATE: 23rd November 2017

TIME: 7.30am for 8am

VENUE: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh.


With Google at the centre, Paid search (often known as Pay Per Click) has dominated the online advertising scene for almost two decades and continues to do so.  It has and continues to drive custom for all types of business whatever the size and whatever the niche.

At this breakfast we will recap the basics of how to make the Pay Per Click (PPC) model work for you and we’ll look at what’s new in paid search (advertising on Google’s search results).
In addition though we’ll also look at the ever expanding range of online advertising formats being sold on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis both by Google and others including Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We’ll highlight “what’s new” but more importantly “what’s working” to help you spend your budgets most effectively as well as share tips to get your ahead of the competition.
With Christmas approaching fast we’ll look at how B2B marketers can get ready for the January “back to work” peak and what last minute changes B2C advertisers can make to ensure December delivers. And as it’s the last New Media Breakfast of the year, it might get a little festive.


This breakfast will be ideal for anyone keen to gain a general understanding of PPC and the direction it’s going in. As such it will be ideal for managers, traditional marketers and generalist digital marketers, whether or not your organisation is already doing PPC.  Although, we will highlight new stuff and things that many do not know about, if you spend your days managing the detail of PPC campaigns, this is probably not the breakfast for you.


Tim Barlow is managing director and founder of Attacat, an online marketing agency in Edinburgh that is well renowned for helping innovative companies drive sales from search engines.  Tim has guided the New Media Breakfast audience through the maze of search engine marketing over the last 8 years, so we are delighted to welcome him back in 2017.

Andrew Morgan is Head of PPC at Attacat. He has worked with PPC accounts big and small during his time at the agency and is responsible for clocking up no less than six nominations for Attacat at Google’s Premier Partner Awards in the last two years. He has a wealth of knowledge on anything PPC so feel free to fire away with any questions on the day.


Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Date: Thursday 23rd November 2017

Time: 7.30am for 8am

Cost: £20


We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day.
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