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Optimising and projecting your personal brand online

Date: Thursday 11th June 2015

Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Time: 7:45am for 8:00am

Personal branding has never been more important.  Everyone now needs to project the right image online.  More and more orgnisations are paying special attention to the personal branding of the people they deal with, both internally and externally.

If you’re looking for advancement in your organisation, a change of career, or to develop your own business, you need to ensure you project an image that is able to achieve your goals.

Do you want to be know as Mr Dependable, or Mr Remarkable?  Whould you like people to descrbe you as ‘hardworking”, or “highly acclaimed”?  It is entirely possible to shape your personal brand and encourage people to talk about you in the way that you wish - it all starts with how you present yourself online.

The June New Media Breakfast will explore what you need to consider about your personal brand, how to optimise your profile online, and how to get people talking about your skills and expertise in the way that you want them to.

Personal branding applies to everyone with ambition.  People buy people, and to make sure they buy you, you need to create emotional attachments with them - you need to present your value proposition.  Moreover, you need to get others to endorse what you say about yourself.  We will explore how you can do all of this at the June breakfast.

We will also look at the various tools you can use to enhance your personal brand and how to use them to your full advantage.


Gordon White, Managing Director, fatBuzz will present this session.


Venue: Tigerlily, George Street, Edinburgh

Date: Thursday 11th June 2015

Time: 7.45am for 8:00am


We hope you can make it along to this event. If so, I look forward to seeing you on the day.
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